5 Tips on Wearing Your Dentures with Confidence

Getting used to life with dentures may be hard at first, and it’s perfectly normal to experience a slight lack of confidence in the beginning. You’re likely worried that others around you will notice that you’re wearing dentures when it’s truly nothing to be ashamed of. Nevertheless, we understand dentures may take a toll on your confidence in the early days, so we’re here to help with 5 tips on wearing your dentures with confidence.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before going out to eat or dining with friends, practice eating in the privacy of your own home to get comfortable with eating with dentures. Rather than using your remaining natural teeth to eat, practice biting and chewing different foods with dentures. Eventually, eating with dentures will feel perfectly natural. You’ll also want to get used to talking with your dentures. Try reading out loud until you get used to the way dentures feel and move in your mouth while you speak, and don’t forget to read more about how to speak with dentures.

Give it Time

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous and self-conscious about seemingly simple things like eating and talking when you first start wearing dentures. Maybe you’re concerned that you’ll have a noticeable lisp when talking or will find it hard to eat your favorite foods. Rest assured that with enough time and practice, you’ll adjust to your dentures, and they will no longer feel uncomfortable. It just takes some time and getting used to, and before you know it, your dentures will feel just as natural as your natural teeth.  

Regularly Clean and Take Proper Care of Your Dentures

One tip often taken for granted is the need to regularly clean and look after your dentures. Simply popping them out and dropping them in a glass of water isn’t enough. Ideally, you remove and clean your dentures at the end of each day with a soft toothbrush, just like you would brush your natural teeth. You could also use the toothbrush to gently massage your gums to remove any film or particles. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash and store your dentures in a wet container overnight to prevent them from drying out. 

Don’t Use Too Much Denture Adhesive

All it takes is a small amount of denture adhesive in place, approximately half a teaspoon if using a powder or 3-4 pea-sized portions if using a paste. Moreover, lower dentures typically require less adhesive than upper dentures. If you feel your dentures don’t fit well, don’t try to correct it by applying more denture adhesive. Some denture adhesives contain zinc, which may be harmful in large amounts. So, if you notice your dentures are loose or ill-fitting, it’s best to see a dental professional for an adjustment rather than try to remedy the issue with more dental adhesive.

Get Your Dentures Checked By a Professional Denturist

To ensure your dentures fit as comfortably as possible and last as long as they can, it’s important to regularly schedule appointments with a professional denturist. During these appointments, your denturist will examine your dentures and your mouth’s overall condition, and determine whether any adjustment, relining, or repairs needs to be done. It’s also extremely important that you see a dental professional as soon as possible if experiencing prolonged discomfort or pain while wearing dentures.

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