All on X Dental Implants

Understanding All on X Dental Implants: A Comprehensive Guide 

All on X implants are the newest form of implant dentistry, providing a comprehensive solution for those requiring complete tooth replacement. They offer many benefits compared to traditional implant solutions, such as shorter treatment time and quicker recovery periods.  

Let’s learn more about this innovative new way to get your smile back with All on X implants. 

What Are All on X Dental Implants? 

All on X dental implants consist of titanium alloy posts surgically implanted into the jawbone. Attached to these posts is a bridge containing all of the artificial teeth. This bridge looks and feels like real teeth, providing long-lasting results without sacrificing comfort.  

Benefits of All on X Dental Implants 

The benefits of All on X implants over traditional implant solutions are vast. For example, with traditional implants, it can take months for healing and integration with your bones to occur before a crown or bridge can be placed. With All On X implants, this waiting time is greatly reduced. 

Additionally, the cost of All on X implants tends to be lower than traditional implant procedures. Plus, denturists have noticed greater stability for patients due to the strength provided by having four or more anchors in place versus three. 

How Do They Differ From Traditional Implant Solutions? 

All On X dental implants provide a comprehensive solution that requires much less intervention. Traditional implant solutions require additional work, such as crowns and bridges being cemented onto existing screws after healing takes place.  

With All On X implants, there is no need for additional cementing, as the bridge with all of its artificial teeth is permanently attached to the posts at the time of installation.  

Who Is a Candidate for All on X Implants? 

Anyone missing most teeth or needing a full mouth restoration may qualify for All on X implants. Before beginning treatment, denturists will request CT scans and X-rays to ensure enough healthy jawbone tissue is present to support the implants. 

The All on X Treatment Process 

Here’s a quick look at how All on X dental implants work.  

1. Consultation and Planning 

The first step is a consultation with your denturist. You will have a full examination of your mouth to determine if All on X is the right solution. After careful evaluation and discussion, appropriate impressions and scans will be taken and sent to the dental laboratory to fabricate the custom bridge.  

2. Implant Placement Surgery 

When the custom bridge is ready, you will have surgery to place the All on X implants underneath your gums. This typically takes about 2-4 hours and requires only a local anaesthetic in most cases. Once all 4-6 titanium posts are placed, the bridge will be attached immediately, giving you a full set of teeth in one appointment.  

3. Healing and Integration 

The healing and integration process only takes approximately 3 months after the implant placement surgery, with your dentist monitoring your progress closely. 

4. Temporary Prosthesis 

Once the gums have healed from the implant placement surgery, your denturist will fit you with a temporary prosthesis while you wait for your custom bridge from the lab. This prosthesis helps protect your implants and provides temporary results until you receive your custom bridge.  

5. Final Prosthesis 

The final step in All On X implant treatment is placing the custom-crafted restoration and making necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable bite. After this step, all that’s left to do is enjoy your new and lasting smile. 


All on X dental implants provide a secure and long-lasting solution for those needing full mouth restoration. With shorter treatment times, fewer appointments, and less invasive surgery requirements than traditional implant solutions, All On X is an excellent way to get your smile back in shape. 

To learn more about if All on X is right for you, contact us at Hillhurst Denture today.