Denture Replacement

Signs That It’s Time For A Denture Replacement

Are your dentures feeling uncomfortable or not fitting as well as you would like? If so, it’s time to look into getting a denture replacement.

A regular visit to a denturist is the best way to keep close tabs on the health of your dentures. However, there are telltale signs that can help you yourself get an indication of when your dentures may need replacing.

With the right fit and care, you can maintain healthy-looking teeth that feel comfortable and give you a better smile. So, read on to discover when you need to schedule your next appointment with a denturist.

You Feel Uncomfortable

If your dentures no longer feel comfortable or fit well, then this is a sign that you should visit the denturist and consider getting fitted with a replacement. Over time, your mouth can change shape and size, leading to discomfort from ill-fitting dentures.

Symptoms of denture pain can range from mild pain while wearing them, difficulty drinking or eating, and soreness after taking them out. Severe cases may cause pressure sores, gum irritation, or soft tissue inflammation.

Do not try to adjust your dentures by bending them, as this could make matters worse or even cause the dentures to break.

Your Dentures Look Worn Out

Dentures may become worn out due to normal wear and tear from daily use. As the material weakens over time, it puts added strain on your jawbone and gums, which can lead to further damage if not addressed promptly.

Additionally, bacteria may accumulate around the edges of the denture and cause infection or inflammation. So, if your dentures have changed shape or the pink gum line has lost its colour, it’s time for a replacement to keep your dental health in check.

You Find It Hard to Speak

When dentures no longer fit as well as they should, speech problems can occur due to changes in the shape of your mouth. Speech may sound muddled, and words may not be clearly understood.

As time passes, your dentures wear down and shift position, which affects how air flows through the mouth when forming words. In this case, you will need to get your dentures adjusted or replaced in order to avoid having trouble speaking.

Your Dentures Are Loose

Jawbone atrophy is a common side effect of wearing dentures for an extended period of time. As the jawbone shrinks, it affects the fit of your dentures and may cause them to become loose or even fall out.

If you notice that your jawbone has significantly shrunken since getting fitted with your current set of dentures, then it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Your Smile Has Changed

Old dentures can become chipped from age. This affects the appearance of your smile, making it appear less natural.

Poorly fitted dentures can also cause the cheeks and jaw to sink inward, resulting in a different appearance. If you notice any changes around your cheeks or jawline, make an appointment with your denturist right away.

Your Dentures Are Old

Contrary to popular belief, dentures do not last a lifetime. As time goes on, dentures will need replacing. Just like any other item, even the best-quality dentures will eventually age from everyday use.

Be sure to have your dentures replaced every five to seven years. Replacing your old dentures is necessary not only for comfort but also for maintaining oral hygiene.


Having a denture replacement can be a life-changing decision. A new set of dentures can last for many years and provide an improved quality of life.

When you need your dentures replaced, it is essential to make sure that you get the best possible care and treatment available. Here at Hillhurst Denture Clinic, we can help you with all your denture needs.

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