Dentures with no teeth

Dentures with No Teeth: Restoring Smiles and Preventing Bone Resorption

Chewing and savouring our favourite meals and the self-assurance that comes with a radiant smile make teeth an essential part of our daily lives.

But what if you are without your teeth for a long time? Are dentures with no teeth an option?

For those who have experienced tooth loss for various reasons, the thought of wearing dentures may bring up a sense of dread. But according to experts, dentures without any teeth can be beneficial.

What To Expect

It’s essential to consult with one of the denturists to find the best dental solution for your health.

Without your natural teeth, you may experience bone resorption, which is when your jawbone starts to shrink due to a lack of stimulation from the teeth. During this assessment, your denturists will assess your oral health and recommend which type of denture package is best suited for you based on the structure of your jaw.

Over time, bone resorption can lead to the jaw becoming too weak for implants or even cause dentures to become ill-fitting. Fortunately, it can be slowed with the right type of denture and working together with a denturist to help stimulate your jawbone and lengthen the lifespan of your false teeth.

Get Checked

Dentures with no teeth are an option for those who have experienced tooth loss and are looking to stay ahead of any future issues.

A denturist can work with you and design a set of dentures to help keep your jawbone strong while providing the necessary support to prevent further bone resorption. The right type of denture package also helps to ensure that your false teeth don’t become ill-fitting over time.

The earlier you visit a denturist, the sooner you can start taking steps to protect your jawbone and keep your false teeth comfortable.

For those who have experienced tooth loss, it can be difficult to consider wearing dentures with no teeth. But with the right advice from a qualified denturist, these types of dentures can help maintain your oral health while still giving back the confidence associated with having a beautiful smile.

Types of Dentures Available

There are four main types of dentures on the market today:

  1. Conventional dentures – These are the most common type of dentures, and they replace all your natural teeth in one go.
  2. Immediate dentures – This is a temporary solution for those waiting for conventional ones to be made or those who do not want to wait for their gums to heal before dental work.
  3. Partial dentures – As the name implies, these only replace some of your teeth and can be used with other treatments such as bridges or implants.
  4. Overdentures – These dentures fit over the remaining teeth and gums, providing a more secure fit.

Whichever type of denture you choose, it’s important to consult with your dentist or denturist first to ensure you get the best outcome for your oral health.


Dentures with no teeth can be a viable option for those who have experienced tooth loss. With the help of a qualified denturist, you can find the right type of denture package that will suit your needs and help protect your jawbone from further resorption.

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