Denturist Awareness Month

Denturist Awareness Month

Officially recognized as Denturist Awareness Month, October is when we celebrate those denturists that help you make more informed decisions on your denture and tooth replacement choices. To help spread awareness during Denturist Awareness Month, we’ll be taking a closer look at what a denturist does and our professional denturist and owner, Dan Mihajlov.

What does a Denturist do?

Simply put, a denturist’s role is providing full and partial dentures to patients. Unlike dentists, denturists specialize solely in manufacturing, fitting, and adjusting dentures. This sets them apart from dentists in that they are 100% focused on false teeth, while dentists specialize in overall oral health and natural teeth. Even though dentists can help you with dentures and other types of false teeth, they’ll likely send dentures out to a dental lab for manufacturing or repair. On the other hand, most of a denturist’s work is done in-house, which can have a tremendous effect on a patient’s overall experience.  

Meet Hillhurst Denture Clinic’s Professional Denturist – Dan Mihajlov

Trusted by patients for over 60 years, Hillhurst Denture Clinic was established in 1954 and is currently North America’s longest continuously operating denture clinic. Offering high-quality, personalized care in a relaxing atmosphere, the team at Hillhurst Denture Clinic is spearheaded by Dan Mihajlov DD.

Graduating with honours from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Dan has over a decade of industry experience and specializes in premium, natural-looking, and aesthetically pleasing dentures. A BPS Certified Denturist, Dan uses Ivoclar Vivadent Removable denture technology to create dentures tailored to your lifestyle and give you a smile that’s the right shape, color, surface texture, and placement for you.

As part of his commitment to providing the highest-quality denture services using the latest in denture techniques and technology, Dan makes it a point to stay up to date with the latest practices through constant continuing education. As a member of the Denturist Association of Alberta, Alberta College of Denturists Hearing Tribunal and Examination Committee, Dan is also an active participant in the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology student mentoring program.

When not treating patients or staying up to date in all things denture-related, Dan enjoys sports, traveling, spending time with his wife and twin son and daughter, and actively supports the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, the Calgary Poppy Fund, and The Legion.

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Whether you’re an existing denture wearer or considering options to replace missing teeth, Hillhurst Denture Clinic is here to help. Our mission is to treat each of our patients with the respect, dignity, and courtesy they deserve. If you’re in the Calgary area and want to know more about our denture, dental implant, or teeth whitening services, give us a call at 403-283-1272 or contact us online for a free consultation.