Ivoclar Vivadent – Biofunctional Prosthetic System

What is Biofunctional Prosthetic System?

BPS is a coordinated system of removable products and techniques that allow the clinician and technician to produce consistent results. The unique system provides a standard that will not only provide a quality result but also save time clinically and in the laboratory.

The Changing Market

Today, 35 million North American’s wear full or partial dentures. The US Census Bureau estimates that the number of people over the age of 50 will double in the next 20 years as the 75 million baby boomers enter this age category.

The baby-boomers place an increasing priority on a healthy and attractive smile, and that the value of one’s appearance has greater importance. Advances in restorative and esthetic dentistry have the potential to reverse the signs of dental ageing, answering the patients desire to look younger.

What Do Patients Expect?

Now more than ever, patients want to be more involved and aware of their possibilities. They expect quality and are now demanding a better fit and better esthetics. BPS provides the tools to not only educate patients on the differences between economy and quality dentures but also on the care needed after the prosthetics are delivered. BPS helps exceed the expectations of the patient and make them part of your success.

Ivoclar Vivadent manufactures quality BPS products for the dental practice and the dental laboratory and offers special education tools to give denture prosthetics a boost in the eyes of your patients.

The Three Main BPS Products Are the Result of Many Years of Clinical Experience

SR Ivocap Continuous Injection System

The Sr Ivocap is the only injection system that uses a continuous injection of denture base material to compensate for material shrinkage. The result is a better fitting denture base needing far fewer adjustments.

Stratos 200

The accuracy of the reproduction of the patient’s data directly influences the functionality of the denture. The Stratos 200 facilitates this task. The laboratory sets the teeth on the Stratos 200 for proper function.

Ivoclar Vivadent Teeth

Because of their distinct characteristics, Ivoclar Vivadent teeth exhibit a wide range of aesthetic effects that resemble those found in natural teeth. Multiple layers reflect light the same way that natural teeth do and are made from materials that resist wearing.

The Individual Steps to Produce a BPS Denture

1st Appointment

  • Impressions
  • Preliminary jaw-registration with the Centric Tray
  • Prescription for a BPS Prosthesis

2nd Appointment

  • Pin tracing
  • Jaw Registration
  • Functional elastic impression
  • Esthetic Control Base try-in

3rd Appointment

  • Wax try-in

4th Appointment

  • Placement of the denture

A system for every indication.

Complete denture, partial denture, precision attachment denture, tooth supported overdenture, implant-supported denture and hybrid denture.