Ivoclar Vivadent Dentures – A Full Guide to a Perfect Smile

Dentures made with Ivoclar Vivadent Products offer you more options, better esthetics and greater function.

These products are manufactured using the most advanced material science to guarantee an enhanced appearance and dependable wear for years to come.

You’ll benefit from the smile-specific tooth selection and hygienic gum tissue that fits better and is easier to clean.

Ivoclar Vivadent removable products ensure a final result that is not just a denture, but a perfect smile for you.

Here are some of the benefits:

Perfect fit

Ivoclar Vivadent dentures are curved out to be supremely fit with no need to use extra adhesives to strengthen the grip.

Did you know that a whopping 75% prefer better-fitting dentures?

A perfectly fitting denture is at the very heart of this brand’s existence.

Denture longevity

Ivoclar Vivadent products are crafted using high-end materials to ensure a long lasting dependable smile wear.

Optimal aesthetics

When it comes to actual teeth-resemblance, no product in the market can outdo the natural appearance of their dentures.

The shades are top notch which leads to a confident smile.

Surveys depict that more than 60% of patients would dig deeper into their pockets for a denture that appears like real teeth and Ivoclar Vivadent doesn’t fail in that realm.

Dentures are resistant to a host of teeth detriments

Their signature teeth wear are poised to keep away any sort of stain, abrasion, plague or bacteria owing to the non-porous layer and surface.

Over 71% of people would ultimately go for dentures whose products are super resistant to the aforementioned, with this brand’s products seamlessly fitting the billing.

What are Ivoclar Vivadent dentures?

This is not just a denture, it’s a smile!

Whether you need them implanted, partial or full, Ivoclar Vivadent dentures are your optimal teeth wear for that edgy, natural feel.

They are the perfect dentures for an entire mouth makeover.

Choices for your smile are endless and Ivoclar denture teeth don’t disappoint.

Here is a rundown of the Ivoclar Vivadent product we use at Hillhurst Denture.

Phonares 2 – The Ultimate Tooth Solution

Made from a hybrid composite material for super durability, these denture teeth don’t compromise on wear resistance, unlike its acrylic counterparts.

It the best denture teeth model from the Ivoclar Vivadent brand.

How so?

Well, Phonares are a beauty!

Equipped with ceramic fillers for light refraction, they are the closest replica of real teeth that one could possibly wish for.

Tooth shapes are curved to resemble those of natural teeth thus the feel-good vibe.

Ultimately, it supports all realms of preferences ranging from partial to complete dentures in addition to being available in an array of colours for your taste.

It is the perfect recipe for a long-lasting, enviable smile.

What you can expect with Ivoclar Vivadent Dentures?

Resonating around the idea of delivering a smile that fits your distinct facial characteristics, preferences and personality, IV dentures are the go-to option.

You don’t want dentures that are too obvious and noticeable.

Here’s what you can expect from IV dentures:

1. A variety of tooth shapes and materials

Ivoclar Vivadent constitutes Nanohybrid composite and a highly durable version of acrylic resin for wear, cracks and chip resistance.

2. Modern layering technique

The advanced layering in Ivoclar Vivadent is impressively life-like and does so by replicating the depth and beauty of real teeth.

3. Perfect teeth placement

Unrivalled teeth positioning made possible by detailed tooth shaping and gender consideration during denture manufacturing is what makes this brand stand out.

4. A wide selection of colors

The diversity that Ivoclar dentures do offer with color is unbelievable. You do not have to settle for less.

5. Resistant to bacterial growth

By using the IVOCAP technique, dentures are denser not allowing bacteria growth.

How long does it take?

Getting dentures and fitting them differs from one individual to another however in Hillhurst Denture clinic it takes approximately 4 appointments.

How much do Ivoclar Vivadent Dentures cost?

Ivoclar Dentures cost varies widely based on what type and the quality of denture you receive.

Each patient has specific oral needs and denture costs are given based on those needs.

Hillhurst Denture Clinic follows the government denturist fee guide to ensure you’re getting the highest quality for a reasonable price.

True self-confidence changes the way we walk through the world.

Many people spend years hiding their genuine feelings from loved ones because they’re afraid to display the damage to their teeth.

They suffer in pain and silence, never showing the brightness of a grin or a laugh.

If your teeth are holding you back, then it’s time to give yourself the gift of a new smile.