Senior Dental Care

Senior Dental Care: Aging Gracefully with Dentures

As we age, our health needs also change. This is especially true when it comes to oral health care for seniors. Issues such as dry mouth leading to gum disease, missing teeth, and weakened jawbones can be problematic when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, dentures are an excellent option for restoring smiles while allowing you to keep eating the foods you enjoy.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common oral problems that come with aging and how dentures can help provide solutions.

Oral Health Challenges Faced by Seniors

Outside of a few lucky individuals, most people will deal with at least one oral health issue during their lifetime. Here are some of the common challenges faced by seniors:

Loss of Teeth

One of the most noticeable changes in older adults is tooth loss due to trauma or wear and tear, resulting in gaps between teeth, which can be aesthetically unappealing. It can make daily activities like chewing difficult and uncomfortable if significant amounts of dentition are lost.

Periodontal Disease

As we get older, the risk of periodontal disease increases. Our immunity can decrease due to natural aging processes related to certain medical conditions such as diabetes or hormonal imbalances caused by menopause in females.

This makes controlling bacteria in our mouths challenging and opens us up to things like gingival inflammation.

Mouth soreness

Another problem seniors face is dry mouth due to decreased saliva production, which leads to mouth sores and can cause issues with speaking, eating, and drinking.

As salivary glands diminish in people over sixty-five, they may not be able to produce enough for a person’s needs. Mouth acidity also increases with age, leading to painful cavities or dental caries that must be treated right away by a professional dentist.

Benefits of Dentures for Seniors

The most obvious benefit of dentures for seniors is appearance and restoring normal functions such as chewing foods without discomfort or embarrassment.

By providing denture support to weakened jawbones through secure fitting appliances, eating habits and oral health can dramatically improve due to reduced cavity risk.

Furthermore, better care has been associated with an easier time talking—making difficult conversations much smoother than before!

What Do Dentures Involve?

Dentures are typically custom-made, which involves digitizing your dentition to fit the customized prosthetic perfectly.

As far as aesthetics go, modern-day denture solutions have come a long way and create stunning results that look natural and give excellent functionality compared to earlier methods, which were less user-friendly.

Modern-day dentures also allow users to bite into foods easily rather than avoid certain items out of fear or discomfort; plus, they make cleaning teeth much easier since they’re removable! 

We at Hillhurst Denture Centre have provided home visits, emergency repairs, or relines for almost four decades, fully catering to elderly oral health requirements.

We strive to design each appliance following the unique needs of our clients and provide prompt, professional care. Our goal is always to ensure clients enjoy meals comfortably, chew accurately, and speak confidently due to perfect denture fit while maintaining oral health.

We understand dental needs may evolve (due to loosening or any other potential risks), so proper maintenance should always be considered—especially if you already have some sort of appliance installed in your mouth!

Reach out to us today or visit our blog for more helpful tips on how you can continue aging gracefully with dentures.