Advantages of Dental Implants

Implant dentures Calgary

What are the advantages of dental implants?

While removable dentures remain the most popular method to restore missing teeth, they do have a number of downsides. Besides becoming loose or slipping out, they can also lose their shape and fit poorly overtime.

In comparison, dental implants are made of titanium steel which makes them durable, stable, and strong. Once they are placed, they won’t become loose or fall out. The implants anchor the replacement teeth in place and allow you to speak and chew with complete confidence. Implants offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Natural looking results - Once implants are imbedded into the jawbone, the stay firmly in place. Unlike dentures, they don’t rely on the gum tissues and are completely independent. Implants act and function just like a natural tooth.

  • No movement - Many patients rely on denture adhesives to keep their dentures in place which can become quite messy. However, patients with dental implants can feel confident that their implants won’t slip or fall out. Because they are imbedded into your tooth’s root, they stay firmly in place.

  • No sore spots - Implants don’t need to rely on your gum tissues to stay in place, making them extremely comfortable. This eliminates sore spots and irritation that denture wearers commonly face.

  • Prevention of jawbone shrinkage - One of the common issue denture wearers face is that the jawbone tissue gradually shrinks, causing the dentures to fit poorly overtime. However, because implants are placed into the tooth’s root, they maintain your jawbone’s overall structure while also stimulating bone growth.

  • Enhanced chewing ability - Because dentures aren’t anchored down, they can become loose or slip out while chewing. Implants allow you to chew with confidence without worrying if they’ll become loose or slip out.

  • Improved taste sensation - Because dentures cover the entire roof of your mouth, food becomes less tasty and you won’t be able to enjoy your foods as much. Implants only cover a tiny area of your jaw's tissue and allow you to fully enjoy your meals.

  • Superior durability - Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care.

  • Improved speaking ability - Removable dentures can move around or slip out, making it difficult to pronounce certain words. However, implants allow you to speak with clarity and full confidence.

  • Better digestion and nutrition - Because implants enhance your chewing ability, you can chew your food more effectively, allowing foods to be more easily digested. Implants also allow you eat a wider variety of foods, ensuring that you maintain a well-balanced diet.

  • No more worrying about lost dentures - Removable dentures can be lost or misplaced. However, once the implant is placed, they stay for good.

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