Signs you need new dentures

Signs You Need New Dentures

Contrary to popular belief, dentures don’t last forever! Using the same dentures for prolonged periods of time could actually be harmful to your health. The good news, however, is that most dentures can last up to ten years depending on their materials, design, and how often they’re used — but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.

Remember that your dentures are made of hard materials and, while your jaw and oral tissue might change and adapt over the years, your rigid dentures can’t. That alone is a good enough reason to have your dentures regularly checked by a professional denturist, but let’s go over a few more noticeable signs you might need new dentures.

Visible Damage or Discoloration

Apart from being unsightly, chips, cracks, and discoloration in your dentures can lead to further damage. While damage can be avoided with proper care, your dentures will eventually wear out due to their age and will need to be replaced.

You Have Difficulty Speaking or Eating

Have you been slurring your words or having trouble chewing food? Over time, dentures become loose and can begin affecting your speech or the way you eat. Difficulty speaking or eating could also be a sign that your dentures need a simple adjustment, though it’s worth getting them looked at to determine whether a full replacement is necessary.

You’re Wearing Your Dentures Less Often

Dentures that don’t fit properly will start to feel uncomfortable, which might cause you to avoid wearing them whenever possible or even avoiding them altogether. Feeling discomfort is one of the most common signs you need new dentures and if your dentures have been spending more time on the bathroom shelf or in your pocket lately, then it’s high time you got them checked out by a denturist.

Your Gums are Sore or Irritated

On the topic of discomfort, constantly wearing ill-fitting dentures can ultimately end up irritating your gums due to their constant shifting around inside your mouth. Dentures that fit well aren’t supposed to cause you any pain or discomfort, so get yourself to a dentist or denturist immediately if you’ve noticed any sores, cuts, or swollen gums.

You’re Constantly Biting Your Cheek

If you’ve been biting the inside of your cheek more often, then it could be another sign you need new dentures. As dentures wear out and begin to shift around, they won’t be able to hold back the inside of your cheek as well, so take it as an uncomfortable reminder that your dentures need to be adjusted or replaced!


As important as regular check-ups and adjustments are after receiving your dentures, you should also be mindful of any of the above signs when going about your daily life. Not sure if your dentures need repair or replacement? Get in touch with Hillhurst Denture Clinic to book an appointment with a professional denturist or stop by our clinic at 104-1228 Kensington Road NW, Calgary.