Steps to Your New Dentures

We all have to visit a dentist sometime or the other; what’s more, no one ever likes to see a dentist. One of the most common problems that all of us face is the loss of teeth. The loss process itself is quite painful, but the problem doesn’t end there. In fact, it’s not just uncomfortable, but even embarrassing to smile knowing that someone might point out your missing teeth. 

However, the scientific and technological advancements in the field of Dentistry have made it possible to replace a missing tooth. Dentures are the false tooth that a specialist creates as per your oral structure and fits it in your mouth. These can be removable or fixed, partial denture or full denture, depending upon your requirements. The experience of getting dentures made and fixed can be either traumatic or comfortable for you depending upon your denturist. 

When you choose Hillhurst Denture Clinic to get your dentures made and fixed, you can count on us for a smooth and comfortable denture process. We specialize in all types of dentures including the conventional one or the immediate denture and we’ll carry out the process that suits your dental requirements. You can read about the entire process that’s followed at our clinic in the subsequent sections. 

Our Denture Process. We undertake the task of preparing and placing the dentures through our five-step process. These steps are explained in the subsections that follow. 

Appointment 1

The first time that you visit us at Hillhurst Denture Clinic, our Denturist carries out a complete examination of your present oral situation including the bone structure, gum tissue and existing teeth. We may take also take X-rays to determine the condition of your existing teeth to check whether some treatment is required for them. If your existing teeth are irrevocably damaged, we may have to extract them. 

At this stage, we also determine whether you need a partial denture or a full denture. Using the Ivoclar Vivadent Smile design kit, we measure your facial features and then take your dental impressions. These impressions and measurements are then used to create a perfect denture for your mouth in our in-house laboratory. 

Appointment 2

This step involves taking a functional impression of your mouth to understand jaw movements. This is essential as it enables us to give a final shape to your denture before it’s fixed in your mouth. The final contours and borders are created in your denture so that it fits in perfectly with your natural oral structure. 

During this visit, our Dunturist will take a record of your bite registration to ascertain the way your lower and upper jaws behave with each other. We’ve several ways of taking the bite registration and the best method that suits your particular case is decided by our denturist.

We’ve three qualities of teeth including the Master Class, Premium and the Standard as per Ivoclar Vivadent Removable. We advise you on the right type of denture based on your facial features, personal preferences and the measurements that we’d taken earlier. 

Appointment 3

If there’s a need to extract your existing teeth, we recommend an “Immediate Denture”, so that the same can be fixed as soon as the extraction procedure is complete. This not only minimizes swelling but also ensures that you’re not left toothless! After the denture is fixed, you’re briefed adequately by our denturist; you’ll also be informed about the estimated time before you get back your perfect and natural smile. 

If you opted for a conventional denture, instead of an immediate denture, a wax base will be placed inside your mouth. You’ll get a chance to see your new smile in advance. At this stage, you must check and verify that the size, color, and arrangement of the teeth are meeting your requirements. After you’ve given your approval, we’ll finalize your denture using the acrylic base. 

Make sure that you’ve checked all aspects of your denture before giving approval because it’ll be difficult to make any major changes after the denture is completed. You may also like to take the opinion of your significant other at this stage before approving the denture. However, there’s no need to sweat; although the acrylic base can’t be modified to a large extent after it’s finalized, we’ll be able to make some minor changes for a comfortable fit. 

Once you’ve given a nod, our denturist finishes the wax try-in with the help of an Injected Press technique. This creates a bubble-free and dense denture base, which will last you a lifetime without having to worry about issues like stains or odors due to growth of bacteria. 

Appointment 4

This is the final appointment for finalizing your new smile. You can get some final adjustments done to the denture at this stage. However, remember that the denture is an external fitment and you and your family will take some time to adjust to your new look. So, give some time to yourself as well as your near and dear ones to get used to your new smile. 

This is more important in case of an immediate denture as some additional time will be required to allow the swelling to subside and for the healing process. The denture will fit perfectly only after your mouth has taken its original shape; so, don’t worry! In very rare cases, the denture may need some final adjustments, which will be done by our experts. 

Appointment 5

You must ask for a final follow-up appointment after the denture has been fixed in your mouth. Typically, there may be a requirement of some fine-tuning of the denture for a comfortable fit after it has settled into your mouth. This step involves a final oral examination by out denturist to check if there’s a need to make any final adjustments. Your denture will also be cleaned and polished to match your natural facial and dental features so that you get a perfectly natural smile. 

In case you feel any discomfort or pain after this visit, don’t try to make adjustments to the denture on your own; call Hillhurst Denture Clinic and we’ll take care of it. 

Some Final Recommendation. You must take due care of your dentures as per the instructions given by our denturist. Keep the following in mind :

  • You must take the first follow-up appointment after six months. Thereafter, an annual visit is adequate. 
  • Your dentures need to be relined after every two to three years. 
  • Consider replacing your dentures after five to eight years.