Why You Should Avoid Cheap Dentures

Why You Should Avoid Economy Dentures

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, it’s perfectly natural to be concerned about the cost. Custom-made dentures are a great alternative to dental implants or other more costly tooth replacement options, but that’s really where you should draw the line. Although cheap, off-the-shelf dentures may seem like a great way to save some money, they’re seldom worth it. Here’s why you should stay away from economy dentures.

Why Avoid Economy Dentures

Cheap, mass-produced dentures typically use a rigid or semi-adjustable base coupled with cheaper materials. Not only do they have very limited, if any, room for adjustment, but they typically won’t last as long as custom-made dentures. Some of the most important reasons to stay away from economy dentures include:

Poor Fit

For maximum comfort and functionality, dentures need to fit perfectly over your gums. Improper fitting dentures can put pressure on certain parts of your mouth, causing discomfort and damage to the gum tissue over time. What’s more, poorly fitting dentures make it harder to chew and are more likely to slip and move about when doing things like eating or chewing. High-quality dentures are precisely fitted to the shape of your mouth and gums, ensuring complete comfort and a snug, secure fit. This makes it easier to chew, talk, and makes it less obvious to others that you’re wearing dentures.

Unnatural Smile

It’s rare to find a set of economy dentures that perfectly match your mouth. As a result, your smile may look unnatural when wearing economy dentures and your teeth won’t look as good as they should. Since economy dentures are pre-made and mass-produced, it’s highly unlikely that the false teeth or gums will complement the rest of the teeth of your mouth or your skin tone. Moreover, low-cost dentures may also make eating feel unnatural and the lower-quality materials are less likely to mimic natural teeth or gums than high-quality, custom-made dentures.

Higher Costs in the Long Run

While economy dentures may save you some money initially, they will likely end up costing you more in the long run. First of all, the lower-quality materials economy dentures are made from tend to wear our quicker than those used in custom dentures, so you’ll need to replace them more often. More importantly, however, cheaper dentures can cause long-term problems like bone and gum tissue loss. Over time, the money you save by going for lower-cost dentures will undoubtedly be overshadowed by costly treatments for health issues caused by the long-term use of economy dentures.

Why Choose Custom-Fitted Dentures

Whether new or replacements, it’s always better to opt for high-quality, custom-fitted dentures from a professional denturist. While economy dentures may work in a pinch, there’s simply no replacement for custom-fitted dentures. Here’s why you’re better off choosing custom-fitted dentures over economy dentures.

Better Long-term Investment

High-quality, custom-fitted dentures will last much longer than economy dentures and will require significantly fewer repairs and adjustments. In the long run, you’ll spend less on a decent set of custom-fitted dentures than you would on multiple sets of economy dentures and constant adjustments.

More Comfortable and More Natural Appearance

Custom-fit dentures are tailor-made to fit your mouth, meaning there’s no need to worry about any sores or discomfort. They also look and feel more natural than cheap, off-the-shelf dentures.

Confidence Boosting

Since they fit perfectly over your gums and around any remaining natural teeth, custom-fitted dentures allow you to speak, chew, and smile without worrying about them shifting and moving about. A definite advantage over economy dentures.

Custom-made Dentures in Calgary

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