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How to Keep Your Dentures Odour-Free? Tips for a Fresh and Clean Smile

Millions of adults in America wear dentures to fill out their smiles, improve their speech, and make balanced changes to how food tastes. Although dentures are fantastic dental tools that improve people’s quality of life, they must be properly cared for so that no embarrassing odours arise.

Unfortunately, many people who wear dentures suffer from smelly denture breath or turbulent odours caused by bacteria build-up on the surface of the prosthesis. For those living with this struggle, here’s a comprehensive look at why your dentures smell and how you can get rid of bad breath related to them:

Why Dentures Smell

The first step to eliminating odour caused by badly-smelling dentures is understanding what is causing it.

Generally speaking, diet or poor oral hygiene are the primary factors influencing this condition. Either can leave germs and bacteria trapped on (or underneath) the overdenture, leaking bacteria-laden particles and producing unpleasant smells.

This unknowingly permits culprits like yeast/molds fungi and saliva substances to become concentrated breeding grounds for bacteria colonies. Bad breath emanating from uncleaned denture surfaces frequently reveals itself through consistent sour or metallic taste which travels up into nasal passages. 

Overdenture Eruption

Unpleasant breath stemming from badly-smelling dentures can also be influenced by “overdenture eruption.” This is when wear occurs between dentures and teeth, reducing the ability for implant integration and leading to food getting trapped underneath the surface.

The overdenture eruption can be caused by several things, including:

  • Ill-fitted implant prostheses
  • Poor hygiene habits
  • Smoking
  • Inappropriate oral healthcare
  • The material used in the denture’s construction

In these cases, seeing a professional to determine which issues are causing problems is important. Often, changing the type/brand of the implant or using a special cleaner can quickly resolve the problem with no pain.

A professional can also advise denture maintenance for optimum results (and smells). When the smell persists, please don’t hesitate to visit your local dentist to remedy the problem quickly and efficiently.

Treatment for Bad Denture Breath

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your dentures free from bad odours. You can start by brushing and washing them twice daily with a mild soap or toothpaste and rinsing them thoroughly.

Make sure you rinse every crevice of your denture, including between the metal parts and any edges. Spot cleanings should be done whenever food particles get stuck on the surface.

In addition to the above steps, soak your dentures in an antiseptic solution overnight once a week (or more often) to completely disinfect germs trapped within tiny areas.

Wedges are also effective when trying to eliminate bad breath associated with dentures. These will lift edges and surfaces just enough so that non-trapped debris/bacteria can move, easing subsequent smells.

Finally, consider using floss threaders, which allow access under denture surfaces, and gold fishing line, which aids in removing pieces lodged deep underneath prostheses (especially uppers).

No one should suffer from bad breath caused by their dentures.

With the right advice and cleanliness routine, you can successfully fight bad breath associated with dentures.

For a professional consultation, contact Hillhurst Denture Clinic today to get expert advice from experienced staff on how to best maintain your dentures and deal with odours that may arise. Visit our blog for further information and resources on dental health.