Natural Looking Dentures

How to Get the Best Natural Looking Dentures

For better or for worse, dentures can change your appearance. If you want to ensure that your dentures change your look for the better, you’re going to want to go for natural-looking dentures. But what makes dentures look natural? What makes them look fake?

For starters, all good dentures, whether they’re full or partial, should be designed to be comfortable and replicate natural oral functions like chewing and speaking, while aesthetics typically come second. Thankfully, modern technological advances cover the first part and most dentures are able to support regular oral function. Nevertheless, many don’t deliver in the aesthetics department and, put bluntly, clearly look like fake teeth.  Let’s start by going over what makes dentures look natural.

What Makes Dentures Look Natural?

Simply put, natural-looking dentures look like real teeth. If you’ve seen or experienced different types of dentures, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that some look more “real” than others. Price aside, natural-looking dentures don’t look more natural than others out of sheer coincidence, and how natural dentures look is generally determined by three main factors: tooth shape, tooth color, and tooth positioning.

Tooth shape depends on a variety of factors including the tooth’s type and function and your age, lifestyle, and gender. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to tooth shape. These factors are hard to replicate when designing generic, off-the-shelf dentures and often results in an unnatural or fake looking denture. Natural-looking dentures, however, are custom-made and tailored to the individual patient’s lifestyle, age, and gender to ensure that they look as real as possible.

Tooth color also depends heavily on a person’s age and lifestyle. While we all want perfect pearly whites, they simply wouldn’t look natural on all of us and would be easy to point out. That’s not to say that dentures need to be stained to look natural, however, but there’s a fine line between a naturally white smile and an obviously artificial glow.

Last but not least, tooth positioning is an important factor when determining whether dentures look natural. Just like how we all have differently shaped teeth, the way our teeth are positioned differs from person to person. We all have differently shaped jaws, which affects the position of our teeth, so mass-produced dentures not only look fake, but they could even be uncomfortable. Natural-looking dentures, on the other hand, are customized to the particular shape of a patient’s mouth and jaw to ensure both a comfortable fit and natural appearance.

How to Get Natural-looking Dentures?

The most important thing to consider when getting dentures is fit. Natural-looking dentures should be shaped to perfectly match the inside of your mouth, jawbone, and the overall shape of your face. Achieving a perfect fit with mass-produced dentures is practically impossible. So, the first step to getting natural-looking dentures is to have them custom made. At Hillhurst Denture Clinic, we offer Ivoclar Vivadent Dentures that feature patented press technology to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Next, you’ll want your dentures that replicate natural teeth as closely as possible and blend seamlessly with your gums. Ivoclar Vivadent Removable dentures come in a wide range of acrylic shades, which allows your denturist to choose the most natural-looking shade possible.

Finally, you’ll want to choose reliable dentures resistant to bacteria and damage from chips and cracks. Mass-produced dentures are known for chipping and cracking easily, which makes them look less natural and could give away the fact that they’re false teeth. Ivoclar Vivadent Dentures are well known for their resistance to stains, bacteria, chips, and other damage thanks to the highly durable materials they’re made from.

Get Natural Looking Dentures in Calgary

Not all dentures are equal. At Hillhurst Denture Clinic, we offer only the highest quality dentures and follow the Alberta dental fee guide to ensure you receive the best quality at the best prices. Contact us today if you’re in the Calgary area and want to find out more about getting your very own natural-looking dentures.